Samsung Galaxy S4 Live Wallpapers for Those Who Cannot Wait

As we all know by now, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was finally introduced to the world last week. Now the waiting game between that tease and the final delivery date is at hand. This means anyone who is dying to get their hands on one in the real world is fiending for anything to simulate the out of reach splendor of the S4. There is a step in the direction of calming these nerves.There are a few options in the Android App store which have gained access to the S4 live wallpaper images and have them ready to use on your device today. It’s not having the S4 in your hand, but it’s a lot closer than nothing. Here are the two apps that have these wallpapers for download.

Galaxy S4 HD Wallpapers by Az Art :


This is the first app that offers these wallpapers for use on your Android device. It is a free app so of course it is ad supported, but that is to be expected. Regardless of whether or not you’re a super fan of the S4 and can’t wait, the images that come with this app are all quite nice and I wouldn’t mind having any of them as the background on my phone if I was ready to get rid of my dog’s picture.

Galaxy S4 Live Wallpaper by AwesomeLiveWallpaper :


This offering into the world of S4 live wallpaper is another free one that includes ad supported workings. It is cool because it features the Galaxy S4 particle effect which was shown at the release and is not yet out on any other device. It also is a live wallpaper so it changes as the time of day changes and the setting in the picture will reflect the lighting in the real world. This is far from a fancy app or download, but if you can’t wait for anything and everything S4 it gives you a little something to hold you over.


[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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