Pixl: Flickr App for Windows Phone

The probability is that you are having a Flickr or 500 px account if you are passionate about photography. It does not matter at all if the shots captured are from a Micro Four Thirds camera or a DSLR, most of the phototags are part of several communities online. Flickr, undeniably is the most renowned of these online communities, and though it may have grown stale with its list of features in the last few years, it is still the most preferable medium for most users. If you are among those users, you would certainly prefer checking out Pixl – Flickr app for Windows Phone.

Pixl, an app for Windows Phone 7 as well as 8 enables users to easily browse through the Flickr interface. Once you have downloaded and launched the application, you will be prompted to either sign in with your existing Flickr account or only want  browse. It is recommended that you must sign in if you have already have a Flickr account, personalizing the app will make it worth.

As you have started using the app, you will see a panorama that offers you with a timeline, nearby, popular, profile and notification features. Under the timeline head, you will see the latest photos of people you are following on Flickr. Popular is just an assortment of images that are recently the queen of the ball on Flickr. Nearby head actually pulls up all the photos chronologically captured in your area if you have permitted the app to locate you via your current location. The profile and notification heads are self-explanatory.

The app itself has a great interface that echoes the sense of instagram on Android and iOS.speaking of these other Operating systems, Pixl was originally developed for the Windows Phone platform with future pans for Android and iOS. The developers chose to target the Windows Phone platform first, the present underdog with a smaller share of the market.

Using Pixl, users can upload photos from their Windows Phone to their Flickr account. Privacy settings can be applied while uploading, such as for public, friends only, or private. A future update is going to add in filters to the entire mix, permitting users to make their caffè latte art look like the photo has been taken with a Polaroid from 1972. Considering the updates, Pixl current version is 1.0 and latest features are coming soon. Most likely Push Notifications and Live Tiles.

If you are using Flickr, you can download Pixl app and make use of it on your Windows Phone via which you can like and even make comments on the photos.

 Source: Windows Phone Store


[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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