SwiftKey Update Now Brings Language Support, Lowest price and A New Theme

SwiftKey users from India, here you get to have a good news! A latest update has been rolled out to all the SwiftKey users, which brings to them support for 9 different languages, some bug-fixes as well as a new theme.

The 9 different languages recently added to the list include Tagalog, Spanish (Latin America), Macedonian, Irish, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Hinglish and Hindi. One of the most requested feature via the SwiftKey’s user voice was to add support for the Hinglish and Hindi languages. And now, it is good to see that the developers have added support for these requested languages.

In case, you still do not have an access to the SwiftKey app, now I think is the right time to go for it! With this recent update, as well as to enjoy the holiday season, the price of the SwiftKey app has been reduced by the developers from its standard price of $1.99 to just $0.99 for the phone and also for the tablet version. As the SwiftKey app would be soon upgraded to to Swiftkey 3, it certainly would be a great option to go for the app when the price has been reduced.

The app can be downloaded the tablet version and the Phone version from here.

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