Pixplit – World’s First Social Photo Collage App

Pixplit for iPhone is an application with an interesting new concept of social networking through photo collage. It lets you to select your single frame in which you can add your photo then the other people can further add their photos in the frame. This will result in a unique photo collage of its own that you will be sure to like. This makes it a very interesting and fun application that is more like a game. The developer’s team of Pixplit comprises of people who created an app called Hitpad, which was a news aggregator app. Pixplit app was released in October in Israel.

The app is very simple to use. You just need to select your photo in the frame. Moreover, there is a filter option available that helps you to enhance your picture. Then you simply need to post your photo on the apps playground section from where others can then complete the collage. The photo collages may turn out to be a masterpiece that can be a unique creation from different minds or it can be something that is very entertaining to see. The additional feature of the app includes different kinds of themed sections. Similar to the instagram, the collages in pixplit can be posted, shared and you can also like and comment on the other collage posts available on the app. Pixplit user’s complete profile is available that you can view to know about the person’s activities on app and his details of the work. Through this app, people with similar interests can work together and socialize under one platform.

Pixplit is an application developed for the artistic people who love to work with photos. The app is still in its inception and various new exciting updates are expected that will make it much popular.

Source: Pixplit App for iOS

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