Kii Keyboard – An Android Beta App for a Fully Customizable Keyboard

Android developers always come up with interesting new apps for its users that make the android experience more enjoyable and exciting. There are tons of apps available on android serving different purposes. Android had previously release the virtual keyboard apps including swift key, swipe keyboard, jelly beans, TouchPal and a lot more apps, making typing experience on android more fun and interesting. Now android has released an updated beta version of the keyboard app which they have named as Kii Keyboard. This is the advanced application that combines all the unique features of the previously released keyboard apps making this application as an all in one package. Besides, it also offers its own new unique features.

It contains the best features so far providing room for maximum customization. This has even left behind the apple’s IOS keyboard. It is both unique in its function and looks. The features that it uses from previous apps include a perfect gesture typing similar to Swipe and the typing experience is like the stock android 4.2 input format. Similar to the swift key, the keyboard has the capability to guess words that you type and it will do it in the most efficient way. Like the thumb keyboard app, it has a split keyboard layout.

It also has the unmatchable unique features of its own. The app provides an enhanced multi-touch speedy typing. It comes with 8 integrated themes and the capability to support more themes. The keyboard layout is a lot more customizable in a way that you can modify the colors, fonts, images at the background and also the height of the key according to what suits your mood. The outlook is totally under your control. The app also features the customizable dictionaries. Moreover, it contains extra number and extra arrow key rows.

These all features in the app together have made the keyboard app much smarter and efficient than before. The app is suitable both for Smartphone and tablet. The beta version is accessible for free from the Google Play Store.

Source: Kii Keyboard for Android on Play Store

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