Personal Assistant Indigo Now Available in Windows Phone Store

If you’ve never heard of Indigo you probably actually have, but may have just heard of it under another name. It is essentially the exact same thing as a Siri for iPhone. It is a digital personal assistant that is so smart it can do all of your tasks for you at every whim just from you saying what to do. It is a great app, but up until this point it hasn’t been available to Windows Phone users. Now they can rejoice in knowing that it is finally here, and they can have their own witty, personal assistant to do their biddings.

Although it has been released it is still technically in beta which means it is being heavily tested for flaws and inevitable glitches which may arise. Either way it is a great app and any of the falters it has along the way won’t be nearly as important as the help Indigo provides.

This is also a free download as of now since it just a beta. There’s no better time to get your hands on this app and upgrade the function and efficiency of your Windows Phone today. All at the command of your voice, Indigo is waiting to update your statuses, any social media, tell you jokes, check the weather, all of those things you can do, but would rather have someone like Indigo do automatically for you.

Source: Indigo App for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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