Google Now Inspired Home Screen: SF Launcher Now

There is almost no more iconic landscape than the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco. SF Launcher Now is a new launcher in the Google Play store highlights the amazing skyline of the city with an interactive, changing launcher which is growing fast as one of the favorite new launchers of the year. What exactly is a launcher? A launcher is an image or background for the device you are using which can be manipulated to use widgets and other features. It is the first thing you see upon booting up your device. The attitude portrayed in this new launcher is one that is catching on fast.

Learning about this launcher now will only make the launcher better and better as time passes on. It is still in its Alpha stage which means it has been released and upgraded/updated several times, but the application is still far from finished. The developers even have the current fixes which they are working on, and the new features they want to add listed on the Google Play download page.

This SF launcher also has an entertaining twist. It automatically detects the time of day and adjusts the lighting of the cityscape to reflect the current daylight of the actual city. This means that at all times the launcher will be a digital representation of the city line to those who are either nostalgic, missing home, or just a fan of the great city.

The functionality of this launcher is already great, but could certainly use a few updates. For example it isn’t completely compatible with a tablet set to landscape mode. It still runs well, but the image does not reorient in the proper full screen way. All in all it is a great way to arrange apps and widgets and does so with the San Francisco graphic art in a way that no other launcher has.

Source: SF Launcher  for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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