Nokia Puts Four Unofficial Game of Thrones Apps in the Spotlight

Nokia’s blog is now featuring four different Windows Phone fan made apps for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. With season 3 ending, it’s a great time to catch up on old episodes or beef up on your fan knowledge of the intricate Game of Thrones world.

The first app, Game of Thrones DB, provides a database with almost everything you’d want to know about the series. The app even comes with the latest news, ringtones, links to what others are saying about the series on social media, and custom backgrounds for your phone. Game of Thrones DB is 99 cents and available now.

The second featured app is Game of Thrones Trivia. Fans can keep their show knowledge sharp and compete with other fans to see who can answer the most trivia without a mistake. There is even a mode to play against a friend locally with a timer. Game of Thrones Trivia is free on the Windows Store.

The third one is Game of Thrones Fan App, which features a Twitter feed, and a solid collection of official YouTube videos about the show. There is a great episode guide as well. Game of Thrones Fan App is also free on the Windows Store.

Finally, Game of Thrones – Just a Fan is 99 cents and similar to Game of Thrones Trivia in features but with a great bonus of being able to stream the soundtrack inside the app. The entire Game of Thrones soundtrack is also available on Nokia Music for a fee.

If you’re one of those rabid, diehard fans of Game of Thrones, check out these apps to enhance the fan experience and join the community discussion!

 [Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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