Internet Speed Meter for Android Smartphones

As the name implies, Internet Speed Meter (and the Lite version) for Android shows your current data connection speed in real time. There is a status bar icon that shows your Android device’s current internet speed as well as notifications which can collect data throughout the day and give you a full update on your internet usage. The app can detect if you’re using a data connection or on WiFi and give separate status reports for each. The app is very small and light, giving you just the bare minimum of information. It acts as a small boost to the stock Android features and you may forget it’s even a separate app.

The Lite version comes with some limitations as you would expect. After a limit of 100MB of data usage or half of your daily average data use, the meter icon becomes disabled and you will need to wait for it to be activated again. You cannot reset the status reports for the day either.

Internet Speed Meter is available for $1.50 on Google Play and the Lite version is free. If you find yourself constantly checking your data speed or worrying about data limits, Internet Speed Meter might make life a bit easier.

Source: Internet Speed Meter Lite App for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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