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Taskbar – Windows 8 Style for Android

For fans of the Windows Start button and menu, a new app for Android devices from Root Uninstaller has you covered. The aptly named Taskbar – Windows 8 Style, brings a very Windows like overlay to the standard Android interface. The app creates a permanent start button on the bottom right of the screen. When tapped, it displays the start menu and a highly customizable set of views of specific apps and device setting menus. If you’ve ever used the start button and menu on a Windows PC, you’ll be comfortable with the experience immediately.

You can customize the menu to suit your needs and pick specific apps to appear in the start menu for easy access. This is especially helpful if you have hundreds of apps sitting on your device and they aren’t particularly well organized. Many devices also provide their own skins beyond the standard Android interface to adjust settings. Taskbar – Windows 8 Style brings a consistent ability to change device settings to the standard interface. Adding apps to the menu is as easy as opening the start menu, selecting the app to add, and dragging it to the spot on the menu where it should go.

There is also a taskbar overlay, again very much like the one on a Windows PC for accessing frequently used apps at a single tap. The taskbar can be customized with whatever apps or settings you desire and is great for quickly opening up the most commonly used apps.

Taskbar – Windows 8 Style is available free on Google Play today. If you’ve been wanting more of a Windows experience on your Android device, try it out.

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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