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The Top 5 Best Android eBook Reading Apps from the Google Play Store

E-reading has become a huge area of growth in our society. Books are turning digital and some magazines don’t even publish physical copies anymore. With this shift has come an incredible amount of new sources of apps in which to read this content. Here are our top 5.

1 . Kindle for Android :


This name and app is synonymous with ebooks and e-reading. The great thing about this app, which makes it number one is not only all of the features, but the ability to have so many great books for free, and access to literally millions at the palm of your hand. The in book features of dictionary lookup of words, and google searches make this app pretty hard to beat.

2. Moon+ Reader :


Fully supportive of online book libraries, Moon+ is another great contender in the world of ebook reading. Thousands of ebooks are available for free through this service as well. This app has a number of features specific to this app which include over ten themes for ease of reading such as day and night. Also ad free and filled with more features and customizations than you could ever go through, this app wins a spot as number 2.

3. Aldiko Book Reader :


This is currently the top eBook reader for Android platforms and for good reason. Over ten million people choose this as their number 1 e-reader. The customizable settings of text color, theme, and brightness make this e-reader cater to be exactly everything the user wants which is hard to get from other services. It also has the dictionary and internet search built in. It is also preset to read your transferred EPUB and PDF files which can save a huge amount of time.

4. Nook for Android :


Once again the other big name for e-reading in the form of an Android app. One of the best features of this app is it allows you to try and subscription to a magazine free for 14 days. This means you can try out paid services for free and see if you like them before having to financially commit. Also, it syncs your reading across each device you have so the last page you read will be the next page that pops up on your tablet, phone or other device. It is also EPUB compatible and allows heavy customization.

5. Mantano Ebook Reader :


This Ereader is great since it caters specifically to EPUB and PDF files, allowing the user to annotate and read any of them in the app itself. This is also a very customizable app and allows for a great deal of play within the actual appearance and performance of the app. It has many of te same great features the other e-reading apps have and performs very well.

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  1. Rufus Driscoll

    Fabrik beats them all in my opinion. It’s a little clunky at times but it offers the nicest interface. Although Montano does offer a lot more features so that would easily be my second choice.

  2. I vote for Aldiko in this table, it gives a fresh and simple user interface to read ebooks in my Xperia smartphone. Although I use Lektz reader too, I use it to access both ePub and PDF format of books.

  3. I recommend Bookbox https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobiucare.bookbox. It has very unique feature named “Send to Bookbox”. It could send any web page to your phone/tablet as EPUB book.

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