Microsoft Launches: “Modern IE”

When most people hear anything about the name Internet Explorer they usually get reminded of that annoying cousin, or a flat tire. It may have been amusing at one point, but now it’s just something that’s there because it was once something. This might be different! As much as it surprises me this new site called is a way that Microsoft is hoping to completely innovate the way the web is developed. The slogan with the site is “spend more time innovating and less time testing”. It actually surprises me to say that I think it will do just that.

It is a site that is going to be a tool for developers. It will allow you to run your code of your site through the page to have the service expose any flaws or error in the page’s coding which needs to be corrected for any web browser. It’s reminiscent of those insurance companies who let you compare their prices to their competitors since will allow you to run your code and search it for flaws on other major browsers too. This is because they have teamed up, temporarily with Browser Stack, the service that let’s you search your code on multiple browsers. We’ll see if they extend this partnership in the future because in all honesty if only caters to finding flaws and helping you code to Internet Explorer its days could be numbered.

The main concern here is obviously putting your little bundle of joy, your hard worked out code, into a site that is on the internet for others to possibly exploit, and also have your possible site exploits put out for others to find. ensures that security is their top priority and all content placed there will be completely safe, but on the internet is anything really ever completely guarded?

It’s a great gesture, and a nice way to link your code to Internet Explorer, but actually knowing the significance and understanding the effectiveness of the site in the long run is hard to say. For now, all I can say is, thanks, but we’ll see what happens.

Source: Modern.IE

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