5 Best Running Games on the Google Play Store

The mobile gaming environment has been flooded with running games and side scrolling adventures which seem to be well suited for the touchscreen and mobile device platform. Given all of the options it seemed necessary to whittle down the apps out there and make a list of the best 5 running games for Android devices. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

Temple Run 2 ;


This second installment of the incredibly popular Temple Run franchise has become the newest craze in the mobile gaming world. The number of downloads in the past two weeks since its release have been amazing. The game itself is solid, a definite improvement from the last version. With only new additions and great new gameplay this is at the top of the list.

Subway Surfers ;


This game doesn’t yet have the publicity that the top title does, but it is another great game that really shows off the ability of the Android OS. It is seamless and a great, fun, addicting game. The little avatar characters are reminiscent of those created on the Xbox 360. Grinding trains and train rails has never been safer or more enjoyable than on Subway Surfers.

Rail Rush ;


This game is another running or sliding movement based game which is very similar to the previous two in terms of gameplay. It is another very fun and addicting addition to the Android game marketplace. Ride little mining rail carts all the way down and collect items along the way,

Running Fred ;


This is a personal favorite of mine. There’s something about the great list of characters and little tricks which make this a very unique title. It’s certainly worthy of a download. The graphics are even surprisingly amazing for a mobile app.

Run Like Hell! ;


This game is another slide and run style game like Temple Run. The same movement and physics are present and the game itself performs quite well. With different game modes and a list of sweet features and abilities for your character this game is far from one dimensional and allows you to really get a great game feel, not just a regular tap tap tap boring game.

Definitely give all of the games on this list a download and find out for yourself why they made our list. They’re all fun and addicting, and will have you procrastinating on whatever you need to get done.


[images via Google Play Store]

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