LightMail: A Great Mail App for iPhone

One of the biggest problems with the built in iPhone app suite is the mail app. It leaves so much to be desired that most users seek a third party resolution. Although there are many mail alternative apps out there for iPhone users, there is a great one that is simple and easy to use, but allows all of the features the stock app doesn’t have. It’s called LightMail.

One of the main issues I had with the mail app on iPhone was with attachments. Writing and blogging all of the time means that I’m constantly being emailed attachments and sending attachments to other people. In the stock mail app you have to scroll down to the particular message and dig it out no matter how far back it is, or how difficult it may be to find. In LightMail, every attachment is stored in one, easy to find place. This eliminates a lot of the guesswork or finding these.

Also, for some reason or another my iPhone email never seemed to fully sync with all of the mail carriers I had it linked to, but I haven’t had that issue yet with LightMail. Signing up all of your notifications for your email addresses into the LightMail interface is quick and easy. And, with offline reading, you can download emails to save and read later if you know you’ll be somewhere without network or WiFi connection.

Last but not least the app is free which means you have very little to lose. I liked it and now use it as my go to email app for my iPhone and iPad, but if you don’t it’s not like you wasted any money on it. If you’ve been battling with your default email app give this a try and I can almost guarantee you’ll be converted.

Source: LightMail App for iPhone

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