Newly Redesigned Google Play Store Released Today

Google Play is now the storefront for all Android based app downloads and products. The interface has been updated heavily over the past few years, but now the Google Play Store has been completely redesigned and released today. Hold onto the edge of your seats and prepare yourself to discover all that the new Google Play Store has to offer.

The news of the Google Play Store renovation has been rumored for a few months now. This morning however, Google made the official announcement about their release of the new platform. The new version of the Google Play Store features a more streamlined approach to the marketplace and better integration of the Google services like searching and Google Now.

The main difference is the quality and the presentation of the user interface, or UI. They have switched to a “card” system rather than their old lists. Now icons feature the presentation of the app or widget rather than simply a name on a list. Google Play also removed over 60,000 apps from their stock to slim down the number of low selling, low performing, and unwanted apps. This is a step towards improving the overall experience and only having great quality apps for Android users.

Don’t fret if your Google Play Store goes without being updated for a little while. The strain this will put on Google’s servers will be enormous, so while some will have the new store today, others may be weeks behind.

Source : Android Blog

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