The 6 Best Android Weather Apps at Google Play Store

Android offers its users with a large variety of applications from different categories including games, entertainment, songs, books, weather and much much more, right in your android phone. It provides you with everything in one mobile device. There are tons of them making it difficult for the people to choose the best from them. The article will help you in choosing the best weather applications by android.

Go Weather Ex :


It is an update to the previous version of the go weather app that offers more advanced features. The app will keep you updated with the weather information all the time. It features an impressive sky animated background image that is pleasing to the eyes. Besides giving latest weather information, it will also provide the weather information about the next 5 days.

Source:  Go Weather Ex App for Android

Yahoo Weather :


It is one interesting app that gives the current weather information and also predicts about the weather in some days ahead. The background images are so attractive because it changes its theme automatically according to the change in weather. It also displays the current weather status.

Source:  Yahoo Weather App for Android

AccuWeather :


This app is a lot more than just giving weather updates. It will also provide the additional and useful information about how the current weather can affect your health and life style. It also features the weather videos. It lets you to share the weather update on the social networking website in your phone. It also provides room for customizing colors and much more.

Source:  AccuWeather App for Android

Weather Bug :


It provides the exact weather information with other features including maps that allow you to search for your location and also find out the location’s current pressure, humidity, wind speed and a lot more. It also allows sharing the information on your social networking website and much more.

Source: Weather Bug App for Android

World Weather Clock :


The app will give the detailed weather information. It also features the rain radar informing you with the chances of rainfall and it features the maps too that gives the weather and time information from all over the world.

Source:  World Weather Clock App for Android

3D Digital Weather Clock :


It displays the weather and time information in the 3D format. It features a digital clock along with the update for weather and forecast. Unlike the other applications, you will require to add the application widget manually as it will not automatically appear on the screen.

Source:  3D Digital Weather Clock: App for Android

So keep yourself updated and safe through these interesting android weather apps that have made life a lot simpler.


[Images Credit: Google Play Store]

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