Is Samsung Going To Launch Galaxy 4 Next Year Or Is It Something Else?

Samsung is a Korean based electronics company that is a famous electronics brand in the world. The last update to the Samsung Smartphone’s series, the galaxy 3, had launch on May this year. The next update to its phone that will certainly be the galaxy 4 is going to launch soon but Samsung has still kept it a secret. Rumor has it that the galaxy 4 has to offer some unique feature and that is its screen will be indestructible. Samsung continues to provide clues at several different places on the media and people are making their own guesses and trying to figure out.

In one of the Samsung Company’s blog, it was mention that something new would arrive between January 8 to 11 next year. The hint here is that the Consumer Electronics Show 2013(CES) is also going to be held on these days so it can be deduced that the launch will take place on the CES most probably. The Mobile World Congress is also another event to take place in February, which is a global event unlike CES that is a US based event. Apparently, Samsung will benefit more if it launches on the CES because it could easily reach to the maximum costumers, as CES is a show particularly for consumers.

We cannot be sure that whether it is the new Smartphone that is planned or it can even be some other Samsung product like TV or something else. The wait will soon end in few months.

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