Instagram Photos No More Accessible On Twitter Streams

Instagram was released in 2010 and by now it has a huge fan following. The mobile application allows you to upload and share your photos with the people you want in the most unique way. It lets you to enhance and transform your pictures by the use of various features that it offers like filter. Instagram, since its inception, allowed its users to share these amazingly filtered pictures on Twitter very easily. According to the latest update, Instagram and Twitterhave now broken ties with each other after Facebook got Instagram’s possession recently and people are now unable to share Instagram photos on Twitter like they could do before. It is to be mentioned here that Instagram (a mobile application) had this feature previously that allowed you to share photos on twitter instantly.

People now have to face some issues regarding this recently that when they tried to share pictures on Twitter, an Instagram link to their photos appeared and that their photos became cropped when they shared them on twitter through Instagram. Actually what happens is that only the link shows up and when people tries to open the link, the cropped photos appears. The news is also now verified from Facebook and Twitter that Instagram has now officially halt this feature of sharing photos to a social networking website named twitter.

The co-creator of Instagram named Kevin Systrom has reported that this change was made so as to attract more users towards this application, to give their users a complete Instagram experience and also to grow their market. We are not sure on whether his statement will prove to be beneficial for him in the future or they will end up losing their own followers. But many people seem not to like this change and they seem to be disappointed with it. There is one good news for the twitter fans. According to the sources, twitter has already planned to come up with an alternative for its fans that it’s now going to release their own photo mobile application for their users.

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