Switch to Windows Phone: An Android App to Help Migrate Systems

Switching between types of phones and operating systems can be a nightmare. Back in the days of clamshell phones and the times when simpler devices ruled it wasn’t a huge deal, but now it’s like losing a child. All of the hard work you’ve put into choosing, downloading, and perfecting apps has to be lost and never seen again. Windows Phone is attempting to make this transition much less stressful for potential Windows Phone users coming in from Android. That’s precisely what Switch to Windows Phone app does. The app searches your current device and allows you to see which of your apps are compatible on Windows Phone. This can then be saved and used to download all of these apps on a new Windows Phone device.

The name of the app kind of says exactly what the purpose is. It is only out for Android since most iOS users are pretty loyal to their devices and their operating system, and if they were going to switch, a switch from Apple to Android would be far more likely than a switch from Apple to Windows Phone.

The app itself works decently well, but has some weird issues. First of all, the list of generated apps it gives you will almost inevitably not include some you like. This is a weakness on Windows Phone end, and not the app, but the disappointment is still there. Also, the app won’t function if you have less than 50% battery, which is kind of ridiculous. If you need 50% battery to minimally run an app then the app has some serious issues of its own.

The app is getting torn apart in the Google Play Store currently. It has an overwhelming negative review score and is actually probably one of the worst rated apps I’ve ever come across. If you find yourself in the midst of a switch from Android to Windows Phone you might just be better off doing a quick search of your apps, rather than tinkering with this flawed app.

Source: Switch to Windows Phone for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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