Ctrl+C the Simple Solution to Copying Text on Android

Ever since the inception of the smart phone and the use of texting and mobile browsing has exploded, the text copying methods have left much to be desired. Sharing text excerpts with others has been a harrowing and burdensome path involving tons of frustration. Ctrl+C for Android offers up a great solution to this annoying situation. You’ll no longer just have to explain that funny picture of the dog with sunglasses, the news story about the guy you went to school with, or the awesome new crafting idea. Now you can share the link, text excerpt or full text easily and quickly.

Ctrl+C basically is an app that allows sharing text, link urls, news articles, jokes or any other words you can find in the easiest way possible. There’s usually a few button presses, a slide of the fingers, and maybe even a magic spell involved in editing text on a smart phone. While the touch interface is great for viewing large images and getting the most visual for your buck, sometimes the ability to only have touch controls makes manipulation on a minute detail scale quite cumbersome. This app makes it much more manageable.

The app doesn’t just allow you to take text and copy it. It also fulfills the other end of the job as well. For those familiar with copy and paste commands, the app really could be called Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. Since it allows you to take text from one location and transition it to any chat window, any email, any text, etc. The options really are endless. It may not seem like a huge deal, but once you use the app you’ll realize how many instances where you wanted to copy text but didn’t because of the annoyance there are. Stop limiting your text sharing on your Android device. Get Ctrl+C to finally show your friend that funny picture, send your mom that link to her online birthday card, and post that crazy news story to your social media site.

Source: Ctrl+C  for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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