How To Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Instagram With Followers+ App

Instagram was launched on December 2010 and it now has millions of users. It is mainly for the people who love to take pictures and through this they can easily share their photos with their group of friends on Instagram and can also view photos of people in their network. It allows you to like and comment on the pictures. It has a feature called filter that allows you to enhance your picture by using various tools that are available. It also lets you to share photos directly to your Facebook or Twitter in just no time. It is accessible on Apple store and Google play to be downloaded for free on a mobile.

There is an application developed for Instagram users known as Followers+ which has proven to be very useful for the users. It provides you with all the details of the people who have subscribed to your photos or who have unsubscribed or in other words it tells you about your followers and unfollowers on Instagram. It also tells about your activity and the people whom you have ignored. It requires downloading this application, approving it and then login with Instagram ID in order to run this application. Once it is done, it will provide you with all the details of your followers and unfollowers. Moreover it also shows the person who follows you most and who follows you least. In this way it gives you complete knowledge about the people in your network.

Everyone loves to know about people because of which this application has attracted many Instagram users. Followers+ will run on Ipad, Ipod touch, Iphone and it will best work on Iphone5. It is constantly being updated into several different versions which give much better performance than the previous. It is available on Apple Store to be downloaded for free. It also has a paid version available worth $0.99.

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