Crumble Zone: The Fun New Game in Google Play

Where to even start with this game… This is one of those fun, simple and addicting games which will probably take the gaming market by storm. It has hints of every other addicting game app that has made it big, and having just been playing it for far too long and not working, I think others will take to it just as easily. The Crumble Zone is about a main character, a tiny green alien, who must fight for his planet. The object of the game is to blast away these little asteroids or space rocks that get closer and closer to the little alien’s home world.

It’s a high score game so naturally it is just as much fun trying to get the best score you can get, but there is another dimension to the gameplay with multiplayer. Not only is the high score something to battle for, but there are many secret, unlock-able weapons that need to help you in your journey.

Blowing up rocks in space has never been as much fun as it is with Crumble Zone. The game has been optimized for retina displays, and has incredibly vibrant and amazing graphics as well. This game is not just a pleasure for your entertainment, but for your eyes and artistic side as well. Check out Crumble Zone now available in the Google Play store. You won’t regret it, but your other things to do today might.

Source : Crumble Zone for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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