UberHype: Android’s Best New Music Finding App

Yet another music app, oh boy. What could possibly be in store here that we haven’t been able to get from the plethora of other music apps available and probably downloaded on my Android device. Well, here’s the thing, this isn’t just an app for music or streaming content it has another aspect which makes it completely unique.

You know how Pandora or IheartRadio will play a random artist when you are listening to one artist and a lot of the time it’s something completely unrelated and often not what you were looking for at all? That’s kind of what UberHype avoids through its music introduction. Since it is linked through a music discovery system called The Hype Machine there are always new songs and up and coming artists being shown throughout the app that you can choose to follow, create a channel for, or never listen to again. This freedom allows you to actually hear the type of music you want and listen to what you want when you want and not have to be subjected to random awful artists in the midst of what you’re doing.

The search features for this app are also what set it apart from other music services. You can really almost learn of an entire new set of artists in a single listening session with the way that search is set up by keywords and trends. You can also follow what your friends are listening to and what they have been liking which allow you to see what else there might be for you to see.

As far as music apps for Android go, this one is absolutely worth trying out. It’s a welcome change with a few minor fixes, like an exit button, needed, but overall it’s great and well worth the change from a conventional, lackluster music streaming service.

Source: UberHype App for Android

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