Google Glass: The Next Big Thing in Technology, or the Next Big Failure

If you follow the world of innovative technology before it hits the mass markets at all you’ve had to have heard of the the glasses dubbed “Google Glass” that have been all the rage among those who like to speculate on this sort of thing before any official information has been released. Here’s the deal: either this new technology is going to become huge, like iPod huge where everyone eventually has them, or it’s going to go the way of crystal Pepsi, BetaMax, and HD DVD and fall into that technological graveyard.

The Google Glass has huge potential, there’s no denying that. This style of technology has a completely unique side of the market to itself, Wearable fully integrated wireless technology that merges a normal person into almost a unique device all their own is unseen and completely new to the entire world. That’s quite a big potential, but living up to that sort of expectation of making a human into an almost entry level cyborg device is quite an undertaking. Since so little is actually known of the device and what it will eventually serve to do, it is hard to say if it is so far falling short or not.

When there is a product like this that has never been tested publicly or had a press release detailing all of the technology and features all you can tell is what the rumors are saying. So far the rumors are intense and quite expansive. In all honesty I think, as with most new technology devices, the Google Glass will be innovative, powerful, but not live up to expectations. With so much hype a device really stands no chance. Will it be another Google powerhouse mobile unit? Sure. Will it have a crazy price tag? Almost certainly. Will it eventually cost much less and be completely integrated into technology and our world? Probably eventually, yes. In a few years, and if science fiction has anything to say it will.

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