Google Map API Version 2 – It’s More Than Just a Map

Google maps are a very important tool nowadays that helps person to reach to the destination easily. What is more beneficial is their use in a mobile which you can take with you anywhere. Google maps have become much popular and now Google has brought advancement to its maps.

Google Map API (application program interface) has now updated to a second version that is developed primarily for catering the tablet pc users and also to provide an enhanced and unique map experience for tablet. It also incorporates the Google Play Services 2.0 that provides the latest information about Google products. The new version supports Android Froyo and all the other devices above it.

The new version has a lot to offer. You can capture photos from any direction and can upload it to the map so that the world can view. This is known as Photo Sphere (images taken by android 4.2), which is another good feature of Google map API.

Most importantly, the map features User Interface Design for tablets and other big screen devices that provide a much better user experience. It is designed for the simplicity for a user to make use of the maps on their phone. It is also adaptable according to the requirements of user.

The other important feature is that it offers many layers with the options available to view street map, indoor map, land map or satellite map according to the needs. The data visualization is another interesting feature that gives information about the flights in a particular region or even earthquakes using symbols. Moreover, the features are so eye-catching and attractive that gives life to the map.
The developer uses a small programming for generating markers and info windows on the map. The other feature is that it gives both the 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional visualization of the map. In addition, one can change the orientation of map and revolve it.


The advancement and innovation to the map creates an exciting and helpful experience for the people all around the world.

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