Tweetro+ App Now Released For Windows 8 App Store

Twitter is a social networking website most popular nowadays. It allows you to share your messages instantly with the world. TWEETRO was one of the third party application that was developed for windows 8. It got much popular and it attracted many users. It became one of the most popular applications of this operating system and a huge success for TWITTER. TWEETRO users enjoyed this application free of cost until the user limit exceeded above 100,000.

All of a sudden, there was a change that was made that TWEETRO was no longer available. Its creator removed TWEETRO from the windows store. Now it is updated to TWEETRO+, which is a paid license version worth $9.99. The cost can increase in few days. TWEETRO+ offers many good features for the twitter users. You can have more than one twitter accounts on this application and can have instant access to the twitter.

It has been indicated by the TWEETRO+ developers that a user will just have to pay once to buy the application and it will work on any of your devices through your id. Moreover, they make sure that the user gets a reliable service and support once they have bought the application and it will be worth paying.

Source: Windows Store website

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