New MSN App Available for Windows Phone 8

Fans of Microsoft’s MSN will be pleased to know that an updated version of their official MSN app has been released for Windows Phone 8. For those who don’t use MSN services, the site provides a series of news, entertainment, and productivity outlets. The MSN app works a lot like the MSN site but claims to offer a faster and more streamlined experience for phone users.

Upon starting the MSN app, a view of the main news and entertainment sections appears which is easy to navigate. You can check subcategories by tapping each section or you can swipe across and view the top stories without leaving the starting view. An Outlook account can be merged with the app as well which makes viewing e-mail or calendar data a snap. Any story or video can be instantly shared with all the popular social networks.

One helpful addition is the new weather display which shows current weather data including conditions, temperature, humidity, etc. at a glance. A couple more taps on the weather tile brings you to a daily forecast for the entire week. The weather tile is simple but effective and makes the MSN app double as a minimalist weather app.

The MSN app does use a live tile so the latest stories and news will appear and update throughout the day. If you’re feeling especially lazy, a quick glance at the live tile will tell you what is currently trending on MSN.

Overall, the MSN app provides a more limited but slightly faster version of the MSN site experience you’d find using a browser. That’s not such a bad thing if you want to quickly explore MSN while mobile. The MSN app is available free on Windows Phone 8 only.

Source: MSN App for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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