Google Keep in an Always-On-Top Chrome Panel or a Simple Popup

Google Keep launched last month and the Evernote-esque note taking service for Google has already garnered a large following which grows each day. Just as when Google Drive launched, third party developers beat Google themselves in the race to make accompanying extensions for these services. Now, there is an extension for Google Chrome which allows Keep to function at its peak.

When taking notes on a computer one of the last things you want to have to continuously do is switch from window to window and tab to tab. Seeing both the content and the page of notes is vital to getting the most seamless note taking or reference jotting experience. Although there are ways to do this with two separate windows and drag and dropping one over the other, the bottom line is that it gets clunky and disorganized.

The Google Keep extension works through a function called “panels” which is an experimental feature that needs to be enabled for this to work. With Panels, you can have a portion of the browser set aside and devoted to keeping notes at all times. The Panel will always stay on the top of the other windows or tabs. If you don’t want this all powerful Panel masking a large portion of the window, you can also choose to open up Keep in a pop-up window or a new tab as well.

Although there are a few features that would have been nice to see with the Google Keep extension such as right click text editing for immediate saving and input, the overall extension works very well and is the first of its kind. So, although there may be creases to be ironed out, the effort was great and the ability to take notes in a more organized and efficient manner is certainly accomplished.

Chrome Store : Google Keep Extension for Chrome

[Image Credit: Chrome Web Store]

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