ZeroLemon 7000 mAh Battery Pack for Galaxy SIII

The idea of a smart phone is an incredibly caveat laden addition to our everyday lives. Not only do these devices add the stability and the function to our work and play on the go, but these machines have become extensions of ourselves on every level. Most students, parents, business people, and every folks cannot function without their smart phone now. The terrible thing is, the more powerful they get, the faster they run, the more functions they can take over, the sleeker their profiles become, the more of a drain on the battery it is. The average battery has a capacity of around 2100 mAh. This new one being offered from ZeroLemon for the Samsung Galaxy SIII comes in at a whopping 7000. That’s a capacity more than three times the conventional battery length.

Not only is this extended battery life going to enable you to remain mobile and working when you would otherwise be jockeying for an electrical outlet, or just plain out of luck on the road, but the cost of the battery is just under $34. At that price range the benefits far outweigh any of the possible negatives that could be associated with it. Although this battery does make the device noticeably larger simply due to the capacity, when taking into consideration the amount of time that will be added to the working possibilities of your day the size of the device is probably one of your last concerns.

The only other aspect of the phone battery that needs to added to the device is the case. The battery being larger means that the case it comes with will no longer be accustomed to your device. Obviously you should still keep it and keep your original battery charged up to have on hand as a spare, but to have a fully functional phone with the ZeroLemon battery of 7000 mAh, you’ll need to pick up a case on Amazon, or some other online retailer as these cases are not usually going to be able to be found in stores.

Source: Amazon Store – ZeroLemon Samsung Galaxy SIII 7000mAh Battery

[Image Credit: Amazon Store]

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