Disqus: The Discussion Forum Now on Windows Phone

Disqus is a great new web forum that allows people to discuss anything and everything in a somewhat organized and meaningful way. It’s a new form of social media that makes it possible for different topics to actually have an audience and discussion on relevant issues. The fact that this is now available on Windows Phone now opens up the community to that many more diverse users and will help boost the traffic and quality of the site as a whole.

If you’re new or completely unfamiliar to Disqus as a service then you should definitely go check it out. The only way I can describe it is as a TED talks online and without a professional just people. The discussions usually end up being somewhat professional and moderated, but of course there are the trolls and people just on there to mess with other people. Overall it is a fascinating service and definitely an up and coming site.

Disqus also allows you to follow friends and see what they are looking at or discussing, write your responses to other questions or comments, and vote on comments to narrow the field of useless or unhelpful discussion. The Windows Phone integration allows for a specified tile to be placed on your launch screens and also have the live updates streamed into them as well creating that much more of an effective interface to stay linked in to the discussions and up to date with whats going on in general or with your friends.

Disqus is a great service and now it is available to Windows Phone users.

Source: Disqus App for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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