Experience Social Video on Windows Phone With Keek

Social video sharing platform Keek has arrived for Windows Phone 8. Joining popular platforms for mobile video like Vine and Instagram, Keek is a service that lets users record and upload short video clips. You can share clips, follow users, leave comments, and integrate your videos with other social networks.

You might think Keek is just another wannabe contender in the game for video sharing but it comes with a few unique features that separate it from the pack. First, the time limit is 36 seconds which bests the others by a wide margin. Keek also lets you leave video and text comments which is a fun twist on the usual simple text comments. It also has verified accounts to reduce spam and fraudulent activity so you’ll be more likely to interact with actual people. Keek has two separate options for receiving updates from other users. ‘Follow’ automatically sends each video the user makes to your account while ‘Subscribe’ sends you notifications of updates without sending the video.

The interface is clean and easy to use. The front page has options to browse a top 100, most viewed, and latest ‘keeks”. You can also enter a manual search by hashtag, username, or keyword. Browsing for keeks is easy and similar to other social video apps. Recording and uploading video is incredibly simply too, just tap the record button and send it off.

Keek is available now for free on all Windows Phone 8 phones. It’s a great new take on the social video phenomena and should keep competing apps on their toes. Check it out.

Source: KeekĀ  for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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