Videobrary: Movie Organizer App for Windows 8 Phone

Videobrary is an app for Windows 8 Phone that enable users to catalog their very own video library. Separating TV series and movies is a nice feature of this app, and the data being saved on is relatively extensive. The posters could have been saved as the wallpapers but it does not happen  to be a deal breaker. The app is free to access and works for all the Windows Phone 7 and 8 version. The app is available in Windows Phone Store.

The Videobrary app is very simple to use, and allows you catalog your movie collection. It has an extremely simple user-interface and all of your movie database will be restored on Dropbox. While you are considering an easy way to catalog your entire movie collection, opting for Videobrary may be worth!

With this layout, you can have one page listings of your TV services or movies that are indexed in alphabetical order. When you want to add a movie to your collection at Videobrry, all you have to do is to tap over the ‘+’ sign that is at the botton of the main page. You can also pull up a search engine where you can search Allocine, or IMDB for your movie and TV series.
You can make the searches by a title or keywords. Later on, you can tap over the correct TV show or movie from the search results to add it to your movie collection. You can add the related information concerning the media type such as BetaMax, VHS, BlueRay, DVD, etc, and any other notes on the TV show or movie.

From Videobrary’s main pages, you are provided with 3 button control. One helps you to add title, second one to search your database and third one to help you randomly generate a title from your collection library for times when you just do not know what you should watch. As you start off with this menu, you will b provided with an option to restore all of your Videobrary files using Dropbox, access settings, download missing posters if any. The settings will help you determine your default search engine and also set up Dropbox account information.

In general, Videobrary happens to be any easy approach when you are considering cataloging your own video library. Separate all of your favorite TV series and movies. Just download the app to your Windows Phone 7 devices and enjoy!

Source: Videobrary for Windows 8

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