F-Sim Space Shuttle Game for iPhone and Android

One of the coolest and most technically advanced games I’ve seen in terms of the way it was built and the way it was programmed was finally released on the Android platform. F-Sim Space Shuttle flight simulator was a knockout success on the iOS and went on to receive numerous praises from some of the most highly respected review companies in the world of technology. The thing that sets this app apart from many of the other flight simulators is the way that is responds in the way and actual orbiting flight shuttle would. Never before has such an accurately amazing app for space exploration been released.

I remember back in the early 90s when flight simulators were becoming really popular. They had a crazy amount of programming put into that little tricolored series of moving pixels and it was fun. The child form of myself had a blast repeatedly crashing that triangle block over and over without fail. The kids these days don’t know how spoiled they are to have something like this in the palm of their hand. Where I had a little triangle, they have a full color, realistic space shuttle to thrust around.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this is one of the coolest flight simulator apps out there. There will probably be a future space explorer or astronaut who uses this app. With the way it is so realistic and can deliver nail biting play time after time it is truly remarkable. Get your fingers on this app as soon as you can and never look back.

iOS : F-Sim Space Shuttle for iPhone

Android :  F-Sim Space Shuttle for Android


[Image Credit: Google Play Store | Apple iTunes Store]

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