Get The Android 4.3 Camera App APK With Improved Interface

The newest Google Play editions of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One sport an improved camera app. The updated camera app is supposedly going to be rolled out in the Android 4.3 update but for now, these are the only ones that have it. The Android community has kindly uploaded the latest camera apk so you can actually try it out today!

The major change is in the interface layout when using the camera app. In the older camera app, when accessing the basic camera controls, several of the icons are awkwardly placed below the circular display where they can easily be hidden under your thumb. The new app places them just above the shutter button in a semi-circle instead of a full wheel. If you want expanded controls, they also appear in the half circle above the shutter button and displace the basic controls temporarily. This is a very convenient improvement over the original and makes it easier to access everything without moving your thumb. The new placement makes sure nothing is ever obscured by your thumb either.

One more helpful change is the option to take photos with the volume buttons on your phone. It makes the phone function more like a traditional camera and can also help you frame the shot better without your fingers getting in the way of the screen.

You can try the new camera app and changes by grabbing the apk at the link provided. There are instructions there for easy installation on your Android phone. If you can’t wait for Android 4.3 or don’t have one of the few devices that already have the latest camera app, check it out.

 [via XDA-Developers]

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