Evernote Reminders Now Available on the Web, iOS, and Mac Versions

Evernote is a great program and app that has made so many things simpler and more condensed. Not just a note taking app, but an all around organizer, planner, and place to keep up to date on everything going on. With the kind of service sometimes it’s easy to forget what you have going on with every little task you have started planning for. For that reason, Evernote has rolled out with a great new feature for its iOS, Web based, and Mac versions of its app. The new feature that has been added is reminders set directly into the app and the notes pages. This means with the simple addition of a few clicks or a few taps you can have reminders set to pop up when you need to look at, revise or finish up a page of notes that is time sensitive.

This type of reminder based addition to an app centered around note taking is incredibly useful. Take for example a note you have started making about a person’s gifts or presents you need to get for them. Set the reminder for a week or so before the date so you know you can not forget to pick one of those ideas. Also, have an important meeting with someone? Write down the questions in a note and then set the reminder for when you are seeing them to remember to look over all of your important things you need to discuss.

This is also a great feature for those groups or businesses that use Evernote to share items of productivity or business within their own people. With time sensitive reminders based on spreadsheets, business reports or budget notes, reminders can have these items pop up for the times allotted to review these types of things while in meetings. This makes sure nothing that needs to be addressed get forgotten.

The best thing about this app is that it is a simple addition to a great app, but it ultimately makes the app so much more useful and powerful without adding any clutter or new, hard to navigate menus or anything like that. It is a great reminder system that exponentially increases the level of integration Evernote has in making the notes taken meaningful and not forgotten. This has been a heavily requested item for this app, so to see it now having come to fruition in such a great way is an awesome sight. Whether you’re an Evernote user or not, go snatch up this app and start making it part of your life.

Source: SourceEvernote Blog


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