AirLyrics: The Great Lyrics Finding and Searching App for Android

There are tons of apps that help you find the lyrics to your favorite songs. Mot of them are apps that are essentially glorified internet searches and provide no real help in the search itself. Finally, there is an app that not only searches, stores and provides the lyrics to the songs you listen to, but it’s free and works incredibly well. The app is called AirLyrics and is set up to make the search for lyrics to songs you listen to obsolete.

The app works in the background while your music is playing and it finds the lyrics and stores them so you can look at them later, or display them while the song is playing. AirLyrics works with a massive amount of default music players so there is no configuration or settings related jargon to mess around with while setting it up.

AirLyrics is set up through the LyricWiki database so any lyrics available there out of the hundreds of thousands of songs on that database will be found quickly and received directly on your Android device. With an app that is constantly searching and saving data files you’d expect it to be clunky and take up a bunch of memory and data usage, but this app is so streamlined that it doesn’t even take up more than 1 MB of storage and to view the lyrics for one song only uses 40kb of data.

This is truly the best app out there for finding, viewing, saving and accessing lyrics to songs without going out of your way to do searches and fiddle around with an assortment of other apps. It is free with ad support as well.

Source: AirLyrics for Android

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