Legato: The New Music Player and Music Discovery App

Discovering new music is one of the great joys of listening to music in the first place. Even though we all probably have a a few songs we could listen to on repeat day after day after day for hours on end, there is always a need for new and great music in our lives. The new app for iOS devices, Legato, hopes to help do just that. Part streamlined and sleek music player, and part music discovery app, Legato goes to a place that some other apps have attempted to, but in a more reasonable way.

The way Legato separates itself from the rest of the pack is with the social networking side of music discovery made simple. Your friends often times listen to music you like and more often than not they are the ones who introduce you to new songs and artists anyway. Legato goes off of that by making songs played by anyone using the app available for others to view. This means you can see and listen to whatever your friends are listening to as well. From there you can choose to download, or rate the songs so you can see at a later time which ones you liked.

Although the app is not fully integrated with social networking platforms yet, once it does it will be a lot more effective at linking together the people we know and the music they listen to. As of now though the functionality of Legato is still a great music player, and as more and more people download and use it, the music discovery aspect will grow lager and larger.

Simply sharing the songs you listen to for others to see and getting the benefit of seeing what your friends are listening to has never been easier. Just listen to your songs as you would normally and Legato does everything else for you. This app is free and there is nothing to lose, only new music to gain.

 Source: Legato for iPhone

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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