Edit a Tweet Before Retweeting With Classic ReTweet

Ahh Twitter. Your little blue bird is so innocent and friendly looking, but any sort of customization of the site is so awkward and difficult. Why must you be so challenging? Well, there is a nice little feature for iOS and Android that allows you to finally to something we’ve all been wanting to do for ages on Twitter. You can now finally edit a Retweet before posting it to finish out the character count or make an edit if you want. This is something that shouldn’t be nearly as ignored as it has been for so long. The fact that you can do it from your mobile device, but not from your computer seems a little bit ridiculous.

Classic Retweet is an extension for Chrome and Firefox that enable the ability to finally do this editing of a tweet before retweeting it on a computer. The steps to do this otherwise are cumbersome and random, but with this extension it seems like it has always been a feature since the beginning.

The extension puts another option underneath the classic Twitter box. This is called “classicRT” and clicking this will open up the Retweet option in a fully editable box much like an original tweet would come up on. This allows any further tagging or character additions before posting it.

This is an incredibly handy tool for editing typos, removing tags or hashtags that you don’t want, or simply adding your special flare to another person’s tweet. After all, retweeting something in an exact identical format is only limiting. Nobody wants to be completely unoriginal.

Find the Classic Retweet extension in the Chrome Web Store today. A Firefox user can get the extension manually but the latest version hasn’t been fully approved so an automatic installation isn’t quite ready yet.

Don’t be held back by the confines of your computer’s tweeting limitations anymore. Get this extension and Tweet all you can Tweet!


Classic Retweet From Chrome Web Store

Classic Retweet v1.11 For Firefox

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