Copy + Paste Made Easy on Android to Evernote with EverClip

Evernote is a great program for storing and for taking notes in a way that was not really possible before on an Android device. It’s got a great interface and allows you to really get the most out of those precious seconds. It is hard to sometimes select aspects of a webpage to use on Evernote if you for example just want a picture or a select few lines of text and not the entire page. However, now with EverClip, the process is incredibly easy and no longer will limit your note taking on Evernote any longer.

The great thing about EverClip is that you can use it to select an entire webpage also if that is what you’d like. The option to take an entire page of information OR just a select bit makes it the perfect all round selecting tool to export relevant content to Evernote.

Although EverClip is it’s own program not linked directly to Evernote, a simple permission grant to EverClip to access Evernote will have them working seamlessly together and you’ll think they came as a package all along.

The other great thing is that you can actually take the in app web browser to the pages you want to visit which makes it much easier to access the information you need to get and not have to import links, or copy and paste urls into the app to get the content.

The last feature of this app which I’ll praise is the clipboard. It is set up beautifully so that you can see the last several selections you’ve made in case you want to place them somewhere else. The best part about the clipboard is that along with being able to see the last few selections you’ve made there is a thumbnail so you don’t have to remember which exact clipping you took in what order. The thumbnail will allow you a preview of the clipped information.

There is a free version with ads and an ad free version for just $2.49. Do yourself a favor and get these apps today!

Evernote for Android

EverClip for Android


[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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