Foursquare Now Available for Windows Phone

We’ve been on a bit of a Windows Phone app kick lately here at TechnoBB, so why not keep it going. Yesterday we got the news of the Hulu Plus app out, and a day afterward there is more great news. Today we’re talking about the Foursquare app which just came out for Windows Phone 8 users. Foursquare is no new title in the app world. As a matter of fact it is already used by millions and millions of people.

Foursquare gets its power in the number of users it has. It is one of the most widely used and popular apps of its type and offers a slew of services to those who have it on their devices. Foursquare helps you find your favorite spots around town. Review sites and places that rate destinations around your city can be hit or miss. They are written sometimes by the businesses themselves, or by people you have nothing in common with or different tastes. With Foursquare the idea is that you can get the best experiences in your town by following where your friends go often and see the areas where you might be interested in for everything from a good workout to a good breakfast.

With great and simple search options breaking down Foursquare is simple and easy. Not to mention this version of the app was specially formulated with Nokia and Windows Phone developers to make this app probably the best version of Foursquare out there. The user interface is incredibly sleek and well designed and the app flows right underneath your fingertips.

The app is amazing, and on a Windows Phone 8 device now the app is even better than ever. Check it out today on your Windows Phone and don’t miss out on a thing. If you have a Windows Phone 7 device, don’t worry! The update for your Foursquare app is coming soon too!

Source: Foursquare for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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