Star Trek into Darkness App for iPhone & Android

I’m a Star Trek fan, no doubt about it. Although I have a biased penchant for the Deep Space Nine series, my love of Star Trek anything is excited by almost anything with the associated name. This leads me to be obligated to write something about the new app which coincides with the new movie Star Trek: Into Darkness. I’m going to see the movie for sure. The app is kind of odd though.

It describes itself as, “Join Starfleet for your chance to rise in the ranks, unlock exclusive content and win prizes. In reality all it is is another of those take a picture of something brand related and submit it for points towards stuff apps. I was honestly pretty disappointed. While I wanted it to be something more, it left me feeling empty inside; my Star Trek hole in my heart was left unfilled.

It’s basically a scavenger hunt for anything Star Trek related in modern advertising campaigns. There;s almost no incentive to complete anything and the app itself is really just screenshots of stuff relating to the new movie. There’s really almost no substance to it.

Another thing about this app which is worth mentioning is that it has been getting berating heavily on the iTunes store by users for privacy issues. Apparently it tracks your location at all times even without the app being used and actively running. This has lead a ton of potential users to do nothing more than delete the app and wash their hands of it.

While I appreciate the effort that went into making anything Star Trek related, this app really fell to the wayside. It was disappointing and given the privacy concerns I’d say skip it. I’ll watch the movie for sure, but the app I’ll beam into a subspace storage unit somewhere for the Romulans.

iOS: Star Trek into Darkness App for iOS

Android: Star Trek into Darkness App for Android

[Images Credit: Apple iTunes Store | Google Play Store]

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