Nokia Music Released for Windows 8 and Windows RT Hardware

Nokia Music is a service that makes the most of any music experience on a digital device. Combining the library and playlist features that you love when using a desktop or laptop with the streaming, song recommendations and services from apps such as Pandora all in one Nokia Music is a great app to have.

Nokia Music has been out for Windows Phone for a little while now, but the app was not available for desktop and laptop versions of the newest Windows platforms. Now users of all of Windows current technology can have seamless compatibility among their devices and allow themselves to divulge into Nokia Music.

Anything you could want from a music app is all combined into this one easy to use and well thought out app. It combines the music store availability of iTunes, with the streaming library and playlist/channel creation of Pandora, and has the offline music library capability of any other music device as well. It really covers every base you could possibly want.

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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