Check Out The Top 5 Android Photo Editing Apps Of 2012

In this digital era, people tend to rely more on their Smartphones and gadgets to take photos than a regular camera. Presently, the Smartphones have been integrated with such camera features that are able to capture as well as capture precious moments in photos immediately with a tap. For this reason, there are numerous photo editing apps for Android OS available in the market.

It does not matter if you are into photography as a hobbyist or someone who prefers to improve the outlook of their images, the Android platform offers them with a large number of photo editing apps via which they can make their images appear crisp and more beautiful.

Following are the top Android Free photo editing apps of 2012, which can be easily accessed at the Google Play Store.

PicSay :

PicSay happens to be a great app that not only provides the basic editing features but additional perks, useful to generate interesting images. You can easily perform fundamental adjustments for saturation, tint, temperature, contrast, exposure, brightness as well as hue. Moreover, you can enjoy the feature of customized colors and fonts and they can be arranged anywhere on the photos as per your preferences.


Little Photo :

One of the most preferred apps, Little Photo is marked as a photo filtering application with some basic features such as rotating photos, adding frames etc. You can even adjust the intensity of filters as per your needs. The user interface is extremely user-friendly and offers some advanced features such as body glow, burn spot, and multi exposure.


Pixlr-o-matic :

This app has a lot to offer. The filter option within the app are classified into 3 different categories, photo frames, light filters, and photo filters. However, there have been just one drawback and it is that you will be restricted to utilize one filter at a time for each of the categories. In case, you prefer applying multiple filters, you need to save an edited image first and then load it.


TouchRetouch Free :

While you are considering erasing some unnecessary elements from your photos, this app happens to be quite handy. You can edit your photos and make them appear incredible with this app. Although, the app offers limited features but still will enable you to do whatever you want to, to make your images appear perfect!


AfterFocus :

This app certainly is going to aid your photography skills to the next level as you can easily create DSLR-ish images with it. You simply need to apply the Focus feature on the objects that requires focusing and then set the BG and Mid focus on the background for depth. Once you have been able to work on it, you will be able to come up with amazing photos that appear to be captured with a professional camera!


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