A Few Good App’s To Bring Back The Start Menu For Windows 8

Windows 8 is the latest update to the OS released on October 2012 by Microsoft. It was developed to provide an improved performance to the users.  It offers some remarkable new features but there is one new feature about this update that caused disagreements among many people as they were not really happy with it. This was about the change in Start menu with the Start screen. There is still a lot of debate going on this issue and it is also being discussed on media. It caused a lot of panic in the people because they seem not to accept this change as they find difficulty in getting familiar with it because the Start menu was available on all the previous versions of windows. It is the opinion of many that this update is not user friendly.

However, there are also some people who seem to like this change and they are happy with it. So there exists a difference of opinion and confusion all over. The media is pointing fingers at the Microsoft that they need to include the Start menu. It seems that the Microsoft future windows updates will replace the desktop with the start screen.

There are different solutions available that can fix this issue of windows 8. These are programs which can be used to get back the Start menu. There are many softwares available but the following mentioned tops the list.

Start 8 :

Start 8 is available for $5 and it is most liked among people because of its simplicity. It provides you with the Start menu just like that of previous versions. It is very much customizable that allows you to select the shortcuts to be shown on the menu and change size of the icon and much more that you can do to suit your mood. This program also lets you to use Start screen along with Start menu.

Classic Shell :

Classic Shell is another demanding program which is available for free. The start menu that it brings back is similar to the menu of Windows XP. It allows you to make maximum changes to your start menu and you can change just anything the way you like for instance the sizes, fonts, shortcuts and a lot more.

StartMenu8 :

StartMenu8 serves the same function in the simplest way. It is available for free. It provides you with the same old experience of using Start menu as in previous versions with no need to use Start screen as everything is available on your Start menu.

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