BlueStacks App Player Beta Released that runs Android Apps on Mac OS

After the Alpha version of the BlueStack for Windows8, that was released back in June, now comes the beta version of the BlueStacks app player software that allows more than 750,000 of the android apps to be run on the MAC OS or any of the Apple’s device. It is to be noted that the alpha version only allowed seventeen of the millions of android applications to be played on Windows8 and even the small release was the demand of 5 million users. It was given the Best CES Award software. Through the massive hit, the beta version is now enjoying a huge success among many users. One surprising fact for the Apple is that even the IOS apps cannot be played on the devices other than the apple’s Smartphone’s and tablets, and the release of the BlueStacks technology has left them far behind.

The BlueStack software is developed using a smart technique that runs on MAC OS and acts as an android phone in disguise. The Layercake technology creates an android environment on the OS X machine and the apps functions as smoothly as they run on an android phone. The MAC users can now enjoy almost any of the android apps available on Google Play and run them on their laptops or PCs and the offer is completely irresistible for the Apple users. The BlueStacks developers were able to gather amount of $15 million with the help of sponsors and it was the hard work and great minds of 10 engineers that contributed in the development of this wonderful technology, which has even given competition to the Apple.

You just need to download this free software and you can enjoy the millions of android applications on your OS X.

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