BBC Weather App For iOS and Android in the UK

For fans of a quick glance at the weather on the go, BBC has you covered with their new, slick weather app for smartphones on both iOS and Android platforms. The app is nothing revolutionary but it does a great job of presenting everything you’d want to know about your local weather in one eye pleasing format. When you first start the app, it uses your location to load current weather conditions from temperature, humidity, and wind speed to pollen counts and UV levels. BBC Weather offers up to a 5-day forecast for your area which is more than enough, especially if you check the app often.

The app continues the march of native apps that make accessing online data with a smartphone even easier. Yes, the same information is available on the BBC’s website which is optimized for phones, but the app produces a condensed and more attractive version without having to go through a browser.

BBC Weather looks great and is very straightforward to navigate and use. The iOS and Android versions look identical and the BBC has graciously released both versions simultaneously. The Android version has a widget feature for the homescreen and can share location with another Android device but besides that it is no different from the iOS version.

BBC Weather is available free for iOS and Android in the UK, check it out.

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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