MacBook Air 2013 With All-Day Battery

Apple has announced the refreshed, upgraded version of its MacBook Air for 2013. It offers several notable improvements over its predecessor, including purported all-day battery life, 802.11ac WiFi, Intel HD 5000 graphics, and the latest Haswell chips from Intel. Even more surprising, it’s available right now, with no delay!

The biggest upgrade of course is the inclusion of the powerful but efficient i5 and i7 Haswell chips from Intel, which provide a boost in speed and extend battery life. The 11-inch MacBook Air claims 9-hours of continuous battery life while the 13-inch model comes in with a great 12-hours of battery to keep you going the whole day. No more plugging in after a few hours of binge watching some show while you should be working.

Another important update is the upgrade in WiFi speed with an 802.11ac adapter. Apple has promised to release an updated router to handle the speed boost with the newest hardware. Apple has added Intel HD 5000 graphics to the mix, which should also give a noticeable speed boost to more graphics intensive applications.

The 11-inch model comes with 128GB of flash memory and the 13-inch model include 256GB, starting at $999, and $1199 respectively.

With forthcoming updates to Mac OS X and all Apple devices, it looks to be an exciting time for Apple fans. For those who have been holding out for Haswell, now’s your chance to own the latest and greatest from Apple. Not only is the newest MacBook Air light in your hands, it’s proving to be lighter on your pocketbook than expected.


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