1 Second Everyday For iOS And Android

The idea behind 1 Second Everyday is simple but potentially profound. You select a single second – and no more – to record from each day and then stitch the sum together into a life review. Over time, you’ll build a minutes and later hours long video review of your entire life. The act of choosing which moment to preserve and watching the video grow can be a powerful way to meditate on life. Now with a dedicated app for both iOS and Android, you can experience it for yourself.

1 Second Everyday automatically sorts all videos on your device by time, so you can even go back and select a clip from previously recorded videos to fill in any gaps. You can also choose to record the video directly from the device. Once you start amassing a collection of clips, they’re displayed on a calendar of thumbnail images and you can tap each one to review it. You can create multiple timelines as well for different users, events, or almost anything that would make an interesting compilation. The scale of the compilation can be adjusted to any length, so you can make one for a single month, year, or pick a start and end date. Once you’ve created a new compilation, you can save it on the device or share it directly on popular social networks like YouTube and Facebook.

The app also has a useful reminder feature to make sure you don’t miss a day. You can set it to remind you to record or select a second for the day at a certain time or times, including morning, midday, evening, night, and late. Cloud savesĀ using Google Drive for the Android version and iCloud for the iOS version ensure that you never lose your seconds. If you choose to record video directly from the device, you can save space by selecting the second from the video and then deleting the original video while the app keeps your second.

1 Second Everyday is free to try for 30 days and is $0.99 after that.

Source: Apple iTunes Store | Google Play


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