6tag – The Full Instagram Experience Now On Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 users may feel a little left out with the notable absence of an official Instagram app on their platform. Luckily, the unofficial but fully functional Instagram client 6tag has arrived to fill the gap. Now, Windows Phone 8 users can enjoy the complete Instagram experience on their devices.

6tag comes with nearly every conceivable feature that its official siblings have on the iOS and Android versions. Most importantly, you can take photos, apply filters and effects, annotate, comment and share them to Instagram and all popular social networks. If you’ve used Instagram before, 6tag is just as fast, seamless and the interface is fantastic. 6tag may be a bit late to the party, but it’s no slouch and has managed to integrate all current Instagram features, even including the new video sharing option. As with Instagram, short videos can be recorded and shared with minimal effort. You can choose to modify photos already stored on the phone or shoot new photos and videos to share. Actually taking photos and videos is a snap and the app even supports both front and rear facing cameras if your phone has them. Of course there is also support for browsing the latest photos and posts from your friends on Instagram as well as adding comments and liking their posts.

Not content to simply copy the official Instagram apps feature for feature, 6tag even adds a handy Live Tile that shows updates and notifications. Now you can see any Instagram updates at a glance. It’s a small but useful addition and one that even the official apps can’t duplicate yet.

6tag is available as a free download, though the free version has ads and limits you to one video upload. Separate in-app purchases can be made to remove the ads and unlock unlimited video uploads. If you’re a Windows Phone 8 user and have been itching for an Instagram app, 6tag is highly recommended.


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