Windows Blue Latest News; Windows Blue will not integrate with Start Button

In case you have been considering that the Windows Blue version, which is believed to be released in the Summer of 2013, is going to bring back to the users the Start Button, you perhaps would like to take a seat. According to CNbeta, who leaked confidential information regarding Windows 8 earlier, state that the Windows Blue version will not integrate the Start button back to the Windows 8.

This does not come as a bombshell , as the Microsoft Corporation is going to have a huge tomato on its face it it did come to its users’ desires and requirements to bring back the iconic button. On the other hand, beyond not bringing back the iconic button, the source also states that the Microsoft Corporation will keep on making nips to the desktop and also there would be updates made to the taskbar. What would these tweaks be about has not been mentioned. Moreover the tweaks, the entire user interface will emerge as flattened, the kernel will also be upgraded to 6.3, will be accessible at an extremely affordable price range or even for free. With a flatter look been applied to the User Interface, all the related features of Aero will be completely killed with the Windows Blue version.

As we stay tuned for more vital details on Windows Blue, Microsoft has already pulled up its sleeves, and it is most likely would be called as the Windows 9.  As the release is anticipated in Summer 2013, we will hear from the Microsoft Corporation soon regarding the Windows Blue and about the updates concerning one of its prime revenue generating endeavors.

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